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Sometimes we are not able to set up a scaffold to carry out certain types of works on the facade, roof, etc., because technical or economic possibilities do not allow us. Works performed at high altitude are high-risk and complex work, they require certain preparations and special protection measures, as well as trained executors. In such cases, we need the help of an alpinist.

We have a team of licensed, professional alpinists with all the necessary, modern equipment, who are ready to perform all the work at a height:

- replacement of roof coverings (inaccessible roofs)
- replacement of various sheet metal on sloping roofs
- replacement of the membrane on the roof and facade walls
- replacement of the vertical and horizontal gutters
- all the works on the facade (burglary, thermal insulation, plastering etc.)
- rehabilitation of facade with anchored netting (on devastated facades where facade parts fall off)
- washing of glass facades at altitude, as well as all other works where it is necessary to carry out works at height
- assembling and disassembling various installations and all other work that can be done by professional alpinists.

Altitude works represent a special technique for performing works that require a special alpine approach to the working position. First of all, works at height fall into high-risk jobs and require adequate preparation and special protection measures. For altitude work, professional alpinistic equipment is used:

- industrial ropes
- safety belt
- security devices
- security protection
- safety helmet
- protective suits
Complete equipment must be attested.
Our contractors are licensed alpinists with great work and climbing experiences and we use exclusively certified equipment of the world's best brands.


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