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Each house has a roof. The roof is mainly made of wooden beams. In order to cover the roof, it is also necessary to make the framing of the roof in order to lay the tiles. The carpentry work we perform are:
- all types of wooden roof constructions
- framing roofs
- restoration of wooden ceilings
- wooden floor constructions
- wooden ceiling

Roofing works

When the carpentry works, framing of the roof or the subcontracting of the roof are done, the covering works have arrived. Covering works are carried out both by traditional way of covering and modern:

- all types of tiles in all syllables
- waterproofing membranes
- shingle or tegol
- fiber-cement eternite plates
- covering roofs with fiber-cement wave or salon plates
- roofing with sheet metal
- cover with polycarbonate compressed plates - lexane plates


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