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The insulation is divided into waterproofing, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and all three types of insulation are necessary in the construction industry. There are various types of waterproof insulation such as, for example, bitumen, polymeric, in the form of coatings or waterproofing membranes. Waterproofing is necessary to protect objects against water and moisture, and our company performs all types of waterproofing coatings and waterproofing systems.

- waterproofing of base and floor slabs
- waterproofing sanitary facilities and kitchen
- waterproofing flat roofs
- dealing with capillary moisture in existing objects

In order for the object to be quality built, new or old, to be energy efficient with the appropriate heat transfer coefficient, it is necessary to carry out thermal insulation on:

- floors in contact with the ground - base plates and slabs on the ground (extruded polystyrene XPS - more commonly known as styrofoam)
- facade and exterior walls (stone wool or styrofoam)
- ceilings and sloping roofs (stone wool)
- flat roofs (extruded polystyrene XPS - better known as styrofoam
- thin-layer thermal insulation coatings with nano technology, where a few millimeters of coating replaces a few centimeters of classical thermal insulation.

A very important thing for a healthy and normal life is the noise level, so it is necessary to perform sound insulation of:

- floors (azamphone, plutonium, thermosilent, etc.)
- walls next to noisy areas, with stone wool of appropriate thickness (walls next to elevators, walls in the attic, bathroom walls etc.)


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