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Our employees are family, and our clients are wider family, and this will remain an imperative in the future.

Dir. Ariton Nikolić

About Us

Alp Complete d.o.o. is a family-owned company that combines a tradition of over 25 years and innovative ways of business typical for large companies. When we started in 1990 as a small glassware shop named "Biljur", we had the goal of satisfied customers and top quality at an affordable price. With the increase in the number of clients, new challenges came, and we like to say that we have grown along with our clients and associates. In 2013, we decided to take a big step and enter the world of construction, installation and complete finishing works. Our goal was to provide our clients with an even higher and more comprehensive quality of works, a wider range of services, professional and experienced staff, a thorough approach to business and the application of economical solutions.

Our business philosophy is based on fulfilling demands and expectations, socially responsible business both within and outside the company, and above all, keeping a long family tradition in which the motive has never been money, but exclusively satisfied clients. We never believed in aggressive marketing strategies, but we, perhaps old-fashioned, let our work and engagement speak for us.

Individual approach to each client and project, respecting all deadlines and regulations, and the primary quality of the work, are the main characteristics of what we consider successful business. For all these years, we have endeavored to respond to the most demanding needs and wishes of our clients, while at the same time we have worked on the implementation of the most modern technologies available on both the European and the world market. Each year, we had an increasing number of projects, an increasing number of employees, and the existing professional staff were trying to improve.

Everything has changed, except from our relationship with business and customers. That remained the same all these years, and that's what separates us from others. Perfect balance of speed, quality and a large number of clients from one, and nurturing family values, tradition and respect on the other side. We have always believed in this idea and considered it as the only correct basis for creating a big company, which we believe we are today.


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