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Painting works include treatment of both exterior and interior walls and ceilings with preliminary preparation of the substrate and possible application of silicate, emulsion, plastic, semi-dispersion and dispersion coatings. When you entrust the painting to professionals, then you are sure that your walls will be like a mirror, and that on your carpentry there will be neither "tears" nor brush hair..
Professionally we perform:

- Floating walls and ceilings
- painting of ceilings and walls in popular various decorative techniques, from which we will list only the most popular ones at the moment, and we work all the others in addition to the following:
- Travertine - a technique to illustrate the appearance of natural stone Travertine
- Ottocento - a technique that gives your walls a sophisticated satin look, with a reflective grain structure, which comes out to the full under the light source
- Spatolato - a technique that shows the appearance of marble, better known as fake marble
- Hoblio - is a technique that brings gold or silver sand dunes into your area by the wind and, with the game of shadows, glittering brightly under the light source
- Vintage - a technique that will, with any color that you choose from a producer's program, bring the pearl glow and appearance of the walls
- Concrete technique - a very popular technique lately, proves the appearance of an unfinished, rugged industry look

In addition to painting the walls we do the following:
- setting all kinds of decorative wallpaper
- application of wall stickers

Paintworks can be carried out manually and mechanically, and the materials that are most often used for the execution of the mentioned works are: primers - primers, oil paint and special dispersion paints, oil coatings, synthetic coatings, nitro lacquers and multicomponent and bituminous varnishes.

Other paintwork we perform:
- painting of existing wooden and metal doors and windows
- radiators dyeing
- coloring of fences and all metal objects


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