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When the building is completed, it is very important that all free surfaces are arranged. We will carry out appropriate curtains on pedestrian paths, playgrounds and parking lots with the following materials:

- vibrated concrete slabs, according to the purpose with the appropriate substrate
- Making parking surfaces with concrete raster plates
- tartan cover (recycled rubber)
- asphalting of trails and traffic surfaces

In order to have free surfaces functional for children, it is necessary to install children's game devices as well as urban mobility:

- we are installing a complete program of certified and certified devices for children's play
- a complete program of urban mobilities such as benches, fertilizers, fountains, gardeners and the like

Also, in order to be completely fulfilled outside and in nature, we need green areas very much, and therefore we also carry out such types of works as:

- Filling of humus
- Creation of grassy surfaces
- planting trees
- planting other plants


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