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Before the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the facilities, it is necessary to do certain preparatory works in order to start with the necessary construction work. Preparation of the site sometimes requires the following to be done:

- disassembly, removal and storage of equipment in agreement with the responsible person
- bringing and depositing furniture in agreement with the responsible person
- protection of facade openings while performing works on the facade
- protection from dust of areas where no works are performed
- protection of floors, walls or ceilings where conservation works are carried out
- loading, unloading, and taking the shot at the registered landfill site.

We do expertly all the demolitions foreseen by technical documentation such as:

- demolition of complete objects
- cutting of concrete structures with diamond discs without vibrations
- disassembly of wooden structures
- demolition of masonry walls
- expansion of existing openings
- disassembly of doors and windows
- disassembly of prefabricated partitions and partition walls
- disassembly of floor coverings
- demolition of floors with their own backing
- disassembly of wall and ceiling linings with substructure
- plastering the mortar from the walls
- dismantling the roof cover, as well as all other necessary demolitions


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ISO 9001, 14001, 18001

ISO 22301

ISO 27001

ISO 50001